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How to tell human hair from synthetic hair
Usually the Human Hair Wigs or extensions are expensive than the Synthetic Hair Wigs or extensions, which are made of synthetic fibers. Sometimes you maybe would like to know if the wigs or extensions you have is human hair or synthetic hair.

With the advance of the technology, the synthetic hair are more natural than before. But it is still easy to tell from touching and observation if you have much experience. If the hair has subtle changes in the color and highlights, chances are good that it is natural human hair and has acquired its color though exposure to natural light, which is difficult to achieve through artificial means. Also, you could feel the hair by pinching and rubbing it moving downward and upward. The synthetic hair will more smooth than the human hair.

If you are still not sure about it by these ways. Then you could pull a strand of the hair out of the wigs or extensions and burn it. Natural hair will burn slowly and give off a distinctive odor, while synthetic hair will usually tend to melt and/or ball up when placed near flame, depending on the particular composition of the synthetic fiber, or will burn out quickly. In either case, synthetic hair will not give off an odor.