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How to care for a human hair wig

Human hair wigs allow a natural looking and are much more versatile than the synthetic hair wigs, although the human hair wigs are more expensive. When it comes to caring for the human hair wigs, it does not mean you could just treat it as your own hair since it is real human hair, because the hair have lost the source of the nutrition when it is cut and it becomes more fragile when it is processed and styled into the wigs. Proper care during the wearing could allow the hair wigs last longer.
Wear a wig cap under the wig to protect the hair from oily appearance, besides washing your own hair.
The human hair wigs should be washed regularly, about one or two times a week. But do not wash it frequently.
When you start washing the human hair wig, always remember to remove the tangles before it. Use fingers for the curly hair and use wide-tooth comb to do it. And start for the tips and then go towards to the top.
Fill a sink with luke-warm water, not the cold water or hot water. Add the shampoo for the human hair wigs. Soak the wigs in the soapy water for several minutes, like five to ten minutes. Squeeze the excess water gently and then rinse the wigs with luke-warm water.
Put the wig back in the sink. Pour the shampoo in your hand and massage the wigs gently. Do not overdo it. Then rinse the wigs with luke-warm water well.
Pour conditioner in your hand and the amount will depend on the directions in the bottle. Massage it into the wig and allow to stand for several minutes. Then rinse the wig using the luke-warm water. Squeeze out the excess water gently.
Put the wig in a towel to towel dry the human hair wigs. Then place the wig in the wig stand and air dry the hair.
Comb or brush the hair gently through the wig. You could use hot roller or curling iron to style the hair to the look you would like to have. Spray the wig with wig hairspray to set it.